45-Degree Inclinometer

Made in the USA


Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Price: $19.95

Anyone who has much off-road experience knows that the scariest thing is the fear of tipping sideways and rolling over. That is way more scary than going up or down steep hills. That is why it is very useful to know just how far you can tip your vehicle over and still be safe. Anything over about 20 degrees feels REALLY scary. Angles over 30 degrees should be avoided. Tipping it over 40 is... well, click here to find out.
That is why you should have a GoWesty SYNC-ROLL-O-METER. With this device you have a reading on just exactly how scared you should be.

This quality inclinometer is manufactured in the U.S.A. for GoWesty and features an oil dampened design that delivers controlled and accurate readings while in motion. It also has a custom painted face that reflects the correct danger zones for the Syncro.

This product mounts vertically to your dash via double sided 3M foam tape, or can be screwed in place through two capped holes. Screws not included.


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