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2000 Eurovan Full Camper - #711

2000 Eurovan Full Camper - #711 (122,217 Miles) - $51,682.08 Total delivered price.

Engine: VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EH4708YH090833

Options: All factory amenities: power everything, cruise control, AC, you name it.  [What Are These?]

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We sold this little camper to is Jill and Dru back in 2005. For details on that sale, click here. Back then, it was only 5 years old and had only 77k miles on it, so there was not much to do:

GoWesty super duper, ultra thorough, triple throw down to the tenth degree major service

Fresh GoWesty rebuilt tranaxle
GoWesty lift and level treatment
New AC compressor and re-charge
All new brakes
All camper equipment check and guaranteed to work
An AUL 50,000 mile, 5-year extended service contract

Jill and Dru had a ball with this camper, and put over 40K miles on it. Their transaxle was going south and the fact they were getting up their in years--meant they had a tough decision to make. In the end, they decided to sell it back to GoWesty.

We paid them $15,925 for it, delivered, and are marking that up 20%.

We rolled up our sleeves, and went through it very, very thoroughly:

- GoWesty super duper ultra thorough major service - everything back to 0 miles
- New water pump with steel impeller (instead of sudden-death original design)
- New GoWesty transmission cooler kit
- New thermostat and plastic housing - just in case
- AC serviced and working right FOR SURE
- GoWesty super duper detail inside and out
     - as close to new looking, working, and smelling as possible
     - everything that is supposed to be there is there
     - everything that is there works - guaranteed!
     - two new batteries and charging isolator
- New GoWesty bunk board
- new OEM VW windshield and molding
- all new GoWesty stainless luggage rack brackets
- New stereo with Bluetooth
- GoWesty rodent prevention kit installed
- Keyless entry system
- All new, current design 16" wheel & tire package
- GoWesty black texture treatment around lower body band
- Fridge B Gone kit installed (portable-fridge ready)
- Full page of reliability-enhancing mechanical items, totaling over $5000

The advertised price listed above includes all of that, plus the the cost of a GoWesty Road Warrior, bumper to bumper warranty, and doc fees. Price does not include tax, license, and/or shipping costs, as applicable.

Another nice EVC from GoWesty, ready to roll!

David and Barb came down from Idaho and snapped this puppy up. They had us add a nice awning, trailer hitch with wiring, Engel fridge and solar panel system. Full report coming soon.

Nice buy, Dave and Barb!


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