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2001 Eurovan Full Camper - #754

2001 Eurovan Full Camper - #754 (51,145 Miles) - $61,595.92 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.8 VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EB47041H124256

Options: All factory amenities: power everything, cruise control, AC, you name it.  [What Are These?]

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We purchased this low mileage Eurovan Camper (EVC) from Meredith, a long-time Gowesty customer, for $28,500 shipped. We marked that up 20%, and proceeded to build a dream machine for Gene and Barb of California.

Gene contacted us looking for a van that would be good for cross-country travel, and he decided that this Eurovan was the perfect van for him. Here's what we did for him:

• GoWesty super duper ultra-thorough major service—everything back to 0 miles
• New brakes in the front and rear
• New water pump with steel impeller (instead of sudden-death original design)
• New GoWesty transmission cooler kit
• New thermostat and plastic housing—just in case
• AC serviced and working right FOR SURE
• GoWesty super duper detail inside and out
• As close to new looking, working, and smelling as possible
• Two new batteries
• All new GoWesty stainless luggage rack brackets
• New stereo with Bluetooth
GoWesty rodent prevention kit installed
• All new, current design 16" wheel & tire package
• Lift and level
• GoWesty black texture treatment around lower body band
Fridge B Gone kit installed (portable-fridge ready)
• Full page of reliability-enhancing mechanical items, totaling over $5000
• Everything that is supposed to be there is there
• Everything that is there works—guaranteed!

Gene and Barb added the following options to their dream van:
Portable Engel fridge
GoWesty Solar System
Class 3 trailer hitch
1100W Power inverter
10ft. Fiamma F45S Awning
• Rubbertite mats throughout
• Eclipse sun shades
Yakima Ridgeback 4

The advertised price listed above includes all of that, plus the the cost of a GoWesty Road Warrior, bumper to bumper warranty, and doc fees. 

Here is a report detailing the cost breakdown:

PG           AMOUNT          DESCRIPTION

1              34,295.40             VEHICLE, MARK UP, DOC FEES, TAX & LICENSE
2              12,540.37             INTERIOR/EXTERIOR/MATS
3                2,552.00             ELIMINATE FRIG, ENGEL
4                1,037.69             FRONT / REAR BRAKES
5                2,687.50             EASY RIDER-VEHICLE WARRANTY
6                6,432.33             SERVICE/ TRANS COOLER/LIFT/LEVEL/TIRES
7                2,050.63             HITCH,INVERTER, AWNING

TOTAL  $61,595.92             

Great buy, Gene & Barb! Happy Trails!


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