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1990 Vanagon Full Camper - #937

1990 Vanagon Full Camper - #937 (143,150 Miles) - $78,918. 87 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB0259LG114652

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We built this Westy for Mike back in November 2005. For details on that sale click here. He has been sent over seas and reluctantly has to sell his beloved Westy. He put only 8303 miles on it. Over 60% of the GoWesty 48/48 warranty remains on the 2.4 liter engine.

Price listed includes all the stuff he got back in 2005:

• GoWesty super duper, triple throw-down, ultra thorough total major service
• Fresh GoWesty 2400cc engine with separate 48/48 warranty
• GoWesty "Pre-runner" treatment consisting of:
  -Lifting suspensions springs all around
  -GoWesty 1/8" steel bumpers
  -Flimsy plastic spoiler and ground effects panels removed
  -Durable black texture coated applied all around
  -On/off road 15" wheel and tire package
• Nice stereo
• Nice floor mats
• Refrigerator update and service
• New LP tank
• South African front grill and round driving lights
• High powered headlight kit
• Deluxe second battery kit
• GoWesty 3-window acrylic pop-top tent
• Yakima roof racks
• GoWesty class three trailer hitch

Dave and Charlotte, from Colorado, knew a good deal when the saw one, and snapped this guy right up (for details of that sale, please click here). They are long time Westy owners, and have owned their 1978 since 1979. They took a trip out to GoWesty to check out the "new" Vanagon models, and decide whether to restore the 'ol 78, or part ways with it. Well, one look at this Westy and they saw the light. Like I have always said, the Vanagon is the "Bigger, better bus...", and they too agree.

The total out the door price and includes all of the stuff listed above we did back in 2005 for the previous owners, plus:

• A fresh GoWesty thorough detail inside, outside ,and under
• Fresh GoWesty automatic transaxle with 48/48 warranty
• Fresh maintenance service
• Replaced less than perfect brake master cylinder with new
• Replaced less than perfect drive axles with new
• GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery system updated to current state of the art
• GoWesty fully progressive suspension springs
• GoWesty 16" HydroEdge wheel package-instead of off-road package
• Rear sway bar added.
• Fiamma F45 10 foot awning
• GoWesty class three trailer hitch
• South African mud flaps all around
• Upgraded Pioneer 4900 stereo with:
  -iPOD interface
  -XM radio
  -Bazooka sub woofer
• Super nice, very low mileage front seats
• Nice carpet mat up front to match rear
• Sunbrella foeva car cover
• GoWesty aluminum ladder to more easily access upstairs bunk
• AUL "RESERVE" extended warranty (
  -24 month/24,000 mile term
  -zero deductible
  -good at any independent garage or VW dealer
  -good anywhere in the USA or Canada

Dave and Charlotte decided to part with this van.

Darryl completed a camper wish list back in 08/2011 and this one was right up his alley. This is what we did for his new vehicle:

• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine (installed for and paid by previous owners)
• Fresh GoWesty transaxle with taller gearing
• Heavy duty rear axles
• Full repaint
• Black texture coat
• So much more

Here is a report showing how it all added up:

202043   $  33,370.00   Vehicle Purchase Contract
202045   $    2,350.88   Major Service, Oil Cooler, A/C, Suspension/Steering
202047   $    4,019.60   Interior/Exterior
202048   $    2,686.49   Aux Battery Upgrade, Solar, Electric Fridge
202057   $    2,968.03   All New Cooling and Heat, Fuel System
202064   $    1,592.75   Reliability Items
203114   $    6,154.04   BFG, Furnace, Swing, Spare, Skid, Posi, Stereo
203172   $       723.60   South African Steering Wheel
203212   $    2,185.00   Fresh Trans with Tall Gearing
203213   $    1,094.95   Heavy Duty Rear Axles
203227   $    4,139.73   Interior, Panels, Speakers, Kill Switch
203319   $    3,708.46   Full Repaint, Bumpers
203335   $       214.30   Hi Lift Jack
203401   $       800.00   Shipping Out
203412   $    1,316.10   Winch Plugs, LEDs
203575   $       194.85   Rubber Mats
203636   $       827.82   Bumper Swing Carriers
203698   $    1,206.80   Project Over-Runs
203728   $       669.90   Mattresses
203737   $       432.25   Screens
203837   $    1,277.40   Winch, Synthetic Rope
203843   $       959.30   Rear Seat, Mattresses, Panels
203881   $       115.35   Toilet, Etc
204026   $       149.85   Hook Up Boxes
204038   $       474.20   New 16" Wheels
204205   $       124.95   Trailer Wiring Kit
              $  73,756.60   Total Project Cost

Darry brought it back in June, 2012 and added:

-Fox Shocks
-Big brakes up front
-Extra space-saver spare above skid plate
-Misc maintenance and minor repairs

The total amount Darryl spent for his GoWesty dream machine was $78,918. 87

Nice buy, Darryl!

From: Darryl
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 10:49 PM
Subject: Photos from Aug 2012 Copper Triangle Ride

Kick’n it on my first trip!

Thanks, GoWesty!


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