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1997 Eurovan Full Camper - #712

1997 Eurovan Full Camper - #712 (110,834 Miles) - $40,031.17 Total delivered price.

Engine: VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EH8704VH145474

Options: A/C,P/S, P/B, ABS, ELS, P/M, P/W, PDL, C/C, I/M WWF, I/M WWR  [What Are These?]

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We purchased this one from Walter of California for $19,500, delivered.
We did the following for Walter:

• GoWesty super duper ultra thorough 60k service
• New water pump with steel impeller (instead of sudden-death factory plastic impeller water pump)
• New thermostat and plastic housing—just in case
• AC serviced and working right FOR SURE
• GoWesty super duper detail inside and out
  - as close to new looking, working, and smelling as possible
  - everything that is supposed to be there is there
  - everything that is there works
  - two new batteries and charging isolator
  - refrigerator thoroughly gone-through and working FOR SURE
• GoWesty lift and level
  - Bilstein shock absorbers
  - New 16" alloy wheels
  - New Michelin tires all around
  - 4-wheel Alignment
• All new brakes
• OEM VW mud flaps all around

A super solid, all original paint, rust-free EVC, nicely equipped, for a very decent price!

This one came back to us in 2010. Harold jumped on this one right away! Harold put down a "Dream Deposit" about a month before this one came back to us — and this perfect camper was exactly what he was looking for. Details on that sale can be found here.

He had us add:
• GoWesty refrigerator elimination kit
  - No more unreliable, expensive, not so great fridge
• New Engel all-electric fridge/freezer
• Quick release mounted behind passenger seat
• 50 watt solar panel system wired to auxiliary battery
• 2000-2003 factory center console
• Nice rubber floor mats throughout

After numerous trips coast to coast over the course of a couple years, Harold decided he wasn't putting the camper to the use that it deserved and he sadly parted ways with it.

Chris and Naomi were looking for a nice Eurovan, and boy did they catch a great one! An extra seat, roof rack kit, and over 60 hours in detail work later they have a vehicle that looks like it came right off the lot - but with far better improvements - for a total of $40,031.17.

Happy camping you two!


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