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2001 Eurovan Full Camper

2001 Eurovan Full Camper (157,096 Miles) - $60,194.82 Total delivered price.

Engine: 24V VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EB470X1H125332

Options: AC, AWN, AW, RACKS  [What Are These?]

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We first met Casey after he purchased a new to him 1986 Full Camper Syncro. He wanted to make sure he had full coverage on the van before he started traveling, so he contacted us for an Opinion of Value Report

Report done, insurance obtained, and keys in hand, Casey took his new Syncro up the California coast, stopped in to visit us here at GoWesty, and got into an accident within an hour of leaving us. The Syncro was a total loss.

We were all devastated for him—it was a really nice van!

We learned though that Casey was not a person that would be kept down by a little thing like losing his new ride. Inspired by his positive attitude, we decided to do what we could do help get him into a new van and really begin his travels. We weren't really in the market for buying and selling vans, but we did have this 2001 Eurovan on the lot that met the criteria for what he was looking for in a vehicle.

Here's what we did to get it ready for Casey:

In addition to the above items, we did the following upgrades:


Happy Trails, Casey!


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