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1984 Vanagon Full Camper - #2391

1984 Vanagon Full Camper - #2391 (101,017 Miles) - $80,628.72 Total delivered price.

Engine: GoWesty 2700cc Waterboxer

Trans: Manual

Color: Green

VIN: WV2ZB0259EH076658

Options: AUX BATT, AWN, FRIG, FURN, LP, LP TANK  [What Are These?]

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We began speaking with Tom and Ann about their silver, 1984 Wolfsburg Edition camper back in mid-2014. The family had a lot of great memories with the van from when their kids were younger, but since then the van had been sitting outside for 20 years, it wasn't running and it needed some serious help. Tom told us that he wanted to do a full restoration on it as a tribute to his late brother.

We don't normally work on pre-1986 vans anymore, but we reviewed the pictures Tom sent and decided we would make the exception. We had the van shipped to us and began the 2.5 year restoration process.

First, let's start with the restoration:

 In addition to the above restoration items, Tom and Ann also added on the following options:

So just how did that all pencil out? Here's the report breaking it all down:

Page                      Cost                      Details 
   1                     $3,160.00         Transportation to/from GoWesty 
   2                        $199.90         Rubber Floor Mats
   3                     $2,237.20         South African Grille / Fiamma Awning
   4                     $4,045.70         GoWesty Swing Away System / Yakima Roof Rack / Rainfly / Propex / Mattress Toppers
   5                        $899.90         Hookup Kit / LPG Tank
   6                        $558.60         Pop-Top Lift Assist Brackets / Additional Rack Bar for Roof Rack System
   7                     $1,695.00         Custom Plaid Green Seats with Arm Rests
   8                     $1,364.85         Custom Plaid Green & Green Vinyl Panels Throughout
   9                     $2,767.01         Auxiliary Battery / Solar System / Fridge Elimination / Engel Fridge
  10                    $4,204.14         Interior Restoration / Sound Proofing / Powder Coating / Sink Upgrades / Re-Wiring, etc.
  11                    $3,436.60         Dash Upgrades / LED Lights/ Headlight Warning System / Stereo System
  12                    $3,281.45         Tinted Windshield / Replace All Door & Window Seals / Replace Wiper Components
  13                  $18,538.45         Exterior Restoration - Plate Steel Bumpers / Repaint to Custom Paint Color / Rear Hitch / Pop-Top /
                                                     Exterior Lights / Powder Coating
  14                    $1,475.58         Bigger Brakes / New Rear Brake Drums
  15                    $4,726.40         GoWesty EFI-II / Fuel Pump / Alternator / Hi-Torque Starter
  16                    $5,554.85         Rebuilt Manual Transaxle / Shifter Overhaul / Rear Axles
  17                    $2,873.80         Radiator / Stainless Steel Coolant Pipes / Themostat Housing / Heater System Upgrade
  18                   $11,344.31        GoWesty 2.7L Engine / Stainless Steel Exhaust System / Enhanced Reliability Items 
  19                    $8,264.98         GoWesty Springs / Bilstein Shocks / Wheel & Tire Package / Re-Seal Fuel Tank / Bushings

                         $80,628.72              Total Price

Due to the great, retro Bus inspired paint job, this van was named Sage while we were working on her. We loved working on Sage and we loved to feature her when we could. The Covenhoven Westy Session, was filmed in Sage during the restoration process. She was such a staple around GoWesty for so long that we just couldn't send her back to Tom and Ann without a little Love Letter to remember her by either.

Happy Trails, Tom & Ann! We hope you enjoy your restored Westy as much as we enjoyed working on her!


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