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1986 Vanagon Doka Syncro - #743

1986 Vanagon Doka Syncro - #743 (182,489 Miles) - $89,575.78 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.7 Liter

Trans: Manual

Color: Blue

VIN: WV2VB0246GG037234

Options: PS, DECUP, HITCH, AM/FM, CD, PDL, PW, AC  [What Are These?]

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We acquired this beauty a few years ago and decided to sell her back in August of 2014. Andrig contacted us about this and let us know that he had always loved the double cabs - but a double cab syncro? How could he pass it up? 

Andrig decided a full restoration was the way to go on this dream truck, so we rolled up our sleeves and began a two year process of making this his dream Transporter. 

Here's what we did:

In addition, Andrig added on the following options:

So just how did it all pencil out? Here's the breakdown:


Page                      Cost                      Details 
   1                   $16,515.00         Vehicle Cost, Doc Fees, Road Warrior Engine Warranty, Transportation Out 
   2                    $2,995.00          EFI-II
   3                        $989.11         Fuel Tank restoration
   4                  $10,999.95         Undercarriage Restoration - Fox Shocks, Springs, Bushings, Rust Removal, Wheels/Tires
   5                        $324.80         Skid Plates
   6                     $2,700.00         Aluminum Diamond Plate Panels for Gates
   7                        $417.70         Power Mirror Assemblies
   8                     $2,354.08         Cooling & Heating System Overhaul
   9                     $1,623.85         Air Conditioning System Overhaul
  10                  $11,618.60         Transmission / Front Differential with Posi-Traction, Axles, & Driveshaft 
  11                    $9,927.02         2.7 Liter Engine, Stainless Exhaust Pipes, Ignition Wires, Clutch
  12                    $1,247.90         Front Skid Plate, Bumper Mounted Swing Away System, Spare Tire, Spare Tire Tower
  13                  $16,300.62         Exterior Restoration - Plate Steel Bumpers, Repaint to Custom Paint Color, Rear Hitch, Window Scrapers,
                                                     New Door & Window Seals, Powder Coating
  14                    $1,759.15         Dashboard Overhaul, Bluetooth Receiver
  15                    $2,299.90         Recaro Leather Seats
  16                    $5,679.55         Interior Restoartion - Sound Proofing, Front Door Panels, Seat Belts, Cup Holders, Floor Mats, Speakers
  17                    $1,323.55         Enhanced Reliability Items - Ignition Switch, Alternator, Battery, Water Temperature Sensor, etc.

                         $89,575.78              Total price

We LOVED working on this Doka - to remember this beauty, we put together this little love letter.

We hope you enjoy your new Doka, Andrig! She's a real head turner!


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