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2002 Eurovan Weekender - #774

2002 Eurovan Weekender - #774 (207,710 Miles) - $51,126.68 Total delivered price.

Engine: VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2NB470X2H039102

Options: All factory available options  [What Are These?]


We originally sold this van to Frank and Crystal back in July of 2013 for $54,600.17. For details of that sale, please click here. After almost three years of adventures, Frank and Crystal's camping days are winding down, and they have decided it was time to part with it.  We have agreed to sell the van on consignment here at GoWesty for a 10% commission.

In the three years that they owned the van, Frank and Crystal only put about 14,000 miles on it and took very good care of it, so it wasn't hard to get her back in tip-top shape! As soon as the van got here, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work checking the van and getting it ready for its new home.

Here's what we've done:

         - Back to as close to new as you can get
         - Everything that is SUPPOSED to be there is THERE
         - Everything that is there WORKS, guaranteed!

That's really all it took to get this Eurovan into even better condition than when we first built it for Frank and Crystal back in 2013. It has only 14k more miles, and it's over $7,000.00 less than when we sold it back then! 

Don't blink, this one will be gone before you...

Donna and Joe saw this Eurovan being sold on consingment on the site and let us know that this was the vehicle that they had been looking for. They put down a deposit on the vehicle and scheduled a trip to visit the van, test drive it, and decide if this was the van for them. After going home and talking it over, they decided that this was indeed the van they wanted. So much the van that they wanted that they did not want any additional add-ons - it was perfect the way Frank and Crystal set it up back in 2013.

Here's a report showing how this sale broke down:

 Page                     Cost                          Details 
   1                 $49,357.02          Vehicle Cost, 10% Consignment Fee, Doc Fees 
   2                  $1,769.66           Maintenance Items (detailed above); Replacement Items (detailed above); Detailing Service

                       $51,126.68          Total price

Great buy, Joe & Donna! Enjoy your new (to you) Eurovan!


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