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2001 Eurovan Full Camper - #777

2001 Eurovan Full Camper - #777 (179,750 Miles) - $57,794.80 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.8 VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EB47051H148856

Options: AC, AWN, AW, RACKS  [What Are These?]

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We sold this van to Jack and Bev back in February of 2015. For details of that sale and the work that was done on it, please click here.

As a recap, here's what we did then:

• GoWesty super duper ultra thorough major service—everything back to 0 miles - includes replace spark plugs, replace all filters, flush all fluids, check brakes, detail battery compartment, test washer system, check all exterior & interior lights, and more!

• GoWesty super duper detail inside and out
     - as close to new looking, working, and smelling as possible
     - everything that is supposed to be there is there 
     - everything that is there works—guaranteed!
• New water pump with steel impeller (instead of sudden-death original design) 
• Rebuilt Automatic Transaxle
• AC serviced and working right FOR SURE 
• All new, current design 16" wheel & tire package
• New GoWesty stainless luggage rack brackets 
• New stereo with Bluetooth 
• New OEM VW windshield and molding
• All New Shade Set 
• GoWesty black texture treatment around lower body band 
• Fridge B Gone kit installed and 43 Qt Portable Engel Fridge added
• GoWesty portable solar panel system 

While they love their van, they have decided that their adventuring days are behind them and it's time to pass the camper torch over to someone else. We have agreed to sell the van on consignment for them for a 10% commission.

Jack and Bev only put about 1,500 miles on the van and took excellent care of it in the time they had it, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that this van came back to us in the same condition in which it left here last year. We've done a detailing service it to it to make sure it is as clean inside, outside, and under as when Jack & Bev first picked it up from us. Otherwise, this van did not require any service work from us.


Kevin from Indiana contacted us looking to replace the Westy that he had sold twenty years before due to reliability issues. He saw this 2001 GoWesty-restored Eurovan and decided that this was the van to get him back on the road.

He decided to add on the following items while the van was still with us:

That was all that was necessary to make this the van Kevin was looking for!

Here's a report detailing how it all broke down:

Page                 Cost                      Details 
   1                $56,527.00          Vehicle Cost, 10% Mark Up, Doc Fees, Road Warrior Vehicle Warranty, Detailing Service 
   2                     $732.90          Yakima Roof Rack
   3                     $534.90          Roadshower, Eclipse Sun Shade

                      $57,794.80          Total price

Happy Trails, Kevin!


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