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1986 Vanagon Full Camper - #735

1986 Vanagon Full Camper - #735 (213,000 Miles) - $70,500.94 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB0254HH003542

Options: 4SPD, AUX BATT, AW, AWN, FRIG, LP TANK, SKY  [What Are These?]

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James from Rhode Island contacted us back in December 2015 looking for an, above all else, reliable 1986-1991 Full Camper Vanagon. He came to the right place! He submitted a wishlist and a $5,000.00 deposit, and we got to work finding him the van he's been waiting for. It did not take us long to match him up with this beautiful 1986 Full Camper.

We purchased this van for $3,100.00 and marked that up 20% for a base vehicle price of $3,720.00. Then we rolled up our sleeves and got to work restoring this van to its original glory - and beyond! Here's what we did:

James also added on the following options:

Here's a report showing how it all broke down:


1.          $12,005.00         Vehicle Purchase & Mark Up / Road Warrior Vehicle Warranty / Documentation Fees
2.           $1,394.65          Bumper Mounted Swing Away Assembly & Accessories
3.           $2,779.79          Cooling & Heater System Overhaul
4.           $6,383.89          Interior Restoration Including Skylight, Soundproofing, and Faucet Upgrade
5.          $15,613.55          Exterior Restoration Including Repainting, Bumpers, Seals, and Ding/Dent Repair
6.           $7,296.72          Undercarriage Restoration including Wheel & Tires, Bigger Brakes, and Re-Sealing Fuel Tank
7.          $12,481.49          Engine / Transmission /Major Service / Fuel Hoses / Stainless Steel Exhaust
8.           $4,733.10          Reliability Items including EFI System, Alternator, LPG Tank
9.           $2,480.55          Dashboard Overhaul
10.            $596.13          Pop-Top Tent Installation and Accessories
11.          $2,236.47          Second Batter / Stock Fridge Elimination / Engel Fridge
12.          $2,499.60          Mattress Toppers / Fiamma Awning / Solar System / Rubber Mats

        $70,500.94     FINAL PROJECT TOTAL 


Great buy, James! Happy trails!


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