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1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #746

1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #746 (166,228 Miles) - $111,741.14 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.7 Liter

Trans: Manual

Color: Gray

VIN: WV2ZB025XHG031741

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We bought this van for $15,000 in September 2014 from an 87-year-old gentleman who loved it dearly, but did not feel like he could take care of it and utilize it in the way it deserved. His wish for this van was to find someone who could love and care for it like he did in years prior.

Two months before our purchase of the van, in July of 2014, we were contacted by Scott and Kelly. Kelly had once lived in a 1977 Bus and these two were anxious to relive those days. They put down a $5,000 deposit and submitted a wishlist for a Vanagon to which they could add some modern luxuries. When this van came to us in September, we knew that Scott and Kelly were just the people to make the previous owner's wish of finding someon to cherish his beloved van come true. Scott & Kelly agreed that this was the van for them. They named her Bertha and we got to some serious work on her!

First, let's start with some of the basics:

          - as close to new looking, working, and smelling as possible
          - everything that is supposed to be there is there 
          - everything that is there works—guaranteed!


 Scott and Kelly went a little further than the basics on their van in their pursuit of nostalgia with modern comforts. Here's some of the deluxe treatment to our standard restoration that we gave to Bertha:


In addition to the above work, Scott & Kelly added on the following options:

Here's a report detailing how it all added up when all was said and done:


Page       Cost      Description

1.         $20,876.88          Vehicle Purchase & Mark Up / Documentation Fees / Transportation
2.              $949.95          Exhaust System
3.           $2,863.93          Cooling & Heating System Overhaul
4.         $10,741.81          2.7 Engine / Major Service
5.          $3,858.69          Roof Basket / Winch / Compressor
6.          $2,582.50          Recover Rear Seats & Panels with Gray Leather
7.          $1,374.65          South African Grilles / Headlight Kit / Air Horn Kit / Reverse Light Kit
8.          $5,671.20          Recaro Chairs / Leather Door Panels / Rubber Mats / Mattress Topper / Replacement Downstairs Mattress
9.          $2,902.85          Fiamma Awning / Swing Arm / Swing Tray / Spare Tire / Bike Carrier
10.        $2,425.40           AC System Overhaul
11.       $13,245.55          Syncro Transaxle / Posi-Traction / Decoupler Kit / Drive Axles / Syncro Front Differential
12.       $12,318.03          Undercarriage Restoration / Brakes / Suspension Bundle for Syncro
13.       $12,092.78          Pop-Top Tent / Skylight Kit / LP Tank / Steel Plate Bumpers / Exterior Restoration
14.        $5,656.11           Headliner / Soundproofing / Seat Belts / Stereo / Fridge Elimination / Interior Restoration
15.        $2,599.56           Auxiliary Battery / Solar System / Engel Fridge
16.        $3,247.00           Dashboard Overhaul
17.           $996.29           Fuel Tank / Sender / Calibration
18.        $4,734.20           Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) System / Accelerator Cable / Hatch Struts / Enhanced Reliability
19.        $1,403.92           Propex / Kick Panels
20.           $853.45           Rotopax / Roadshower / Off-Road-Tire
21.           $346.39           Center Console

        $111,741.14     Final Project Total 

We loved working on this van and put together this little video to remember her by.

Amazing buy, Scott & Kelly! We hope Bertha is the van you've been dreaming of!


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