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1991 Vanagon Weekender - #708

1991 Vanagon Weekender - #708 (257,554 Miles) - $55,906.40 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2TB0255MG010182

Options: AC, CRUISE, PDL, PW, PM  [What Are These?]

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Here is what is probably the most sought-after pop-top Vanagon ever built: the Vanagon Multivan Weekender. This model was offered only in 1990 and 1991. It is basically a pop-top version of the flagship Vanagon Carat model. So, not only did the MV come with EVERY factory option and extra plush interior, it's also a pop-top Weekender! Its closest pop-top cousin is '85-'87 Wolfsburg Weekender—the difference being that the MV has TWO rear facing seats instead of just the one the '85-'87 WB WE had, and both are quick-release type (same as in the Carat) so they pop right out by pulling a small knob. So, it sleeps four comfortably, and seats 7 comfortably.

We built this MV back in June, 2005. For details on that sale, click here. Here is all we did for them back in 2005:

• GoWesty super duper thorough, triple throw down, ultra major service
• All systems thoroughly gone through and double checked 
• Fresh GoWesty 2400cc engine
• Fresh GoWesty custom geared transaxle
• Fully rebuilt suspension with 2WD lifting springs
• Fresh GoWesty on/off road 15" wheel package for lifted 2WDs 
• Syncro-type fully locking rear differential
• Vanagon Fuel Re-seal Kit
• All plastic bumpers and ground effects replaced with black texture all around
• GoWesty plate steel bumper set
• South African Big Brake Kit and new rear brakes
• Keyless entry with remotes
• High Powered Headlight Kit
• Stoneguard headlight shields
• Nice stereo
• Three-window acrylic pop-top tent
• All systems thoroughly gone through and double-checked 
• All sales tax and California required licenses and certificates

The vehicle was involved in a collision that damaged the front driver's side corner of the body. The collision was not so serious as to total the vehicle, so it DOES NOT have a salvage title. We disassembled the vehicle thoroughly and replaced the damaged parts to factory exact standards. It is impossible to tell it was ever repaired. It is, in fact, better than it was prior to the accident. The dashboard was completely removed, for example, and all systems rebuilt. And while we were at it, we completely disassembled it and repainted it entirely. So, the exterior and under dash is all like new again. For more details on this restoration, please click here.

We also just did the following:

• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine with 48/48 warranty
• All new cooling system from end to end
• All new OEM exhaust; GoWesty stainless cat, muffler & tail pipe
• Full page of reliability items totaling over $2940
• Auxiliary battery system built to our current standards
• Complete exterior restoration—all new paint and all seals
• Interior thoroughly detailed•
• Standard GoWesty promise:
  - Everything that is supposed to be THERE
  - Everything that is there, WORKS-guaranteed! 

The price listed reflects what we paid for the vehicle, plus a 20% mark-up, plus all the work we just did—all detailed in multiple pages. It is not an entirely freshly built GoWesty machine. For example, the transaxle and South African larger front brakes are the same ones we built back in 2005. If we were to build this vehicle to these specifications today, from scratch, the price would be well over $60K. So, yeah, this vehicle is a particularly good value.

Some lucky person out there is going to get a LOT of vehicle with this "prerunner"-style MV Weekender!

Carol and Mike came up from Santa Barbara and adopted this little Westy. Total price out the door includes all tax and license, plus the following items they added:

• Engel 43 quart refrigerator kit, installed
• Hitch insert, ball, and locking hitch pin
• Trailer wiring installed
• Dash mat
• Center console
• Anti-theft kill switch we located right behind the... HA! Not going to tell you!

Nice buy, guys!


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