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1990 Vanagon Full Camper - #967

1990 Vanagon Full Camper - #967 (155,552 Miles) - $66,630.90 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 liter

Trans: Automatic

Color: Burgundy

VIN: WV2ZB0258LG116439

Options: AT, PM, AC, Cruise  [What Are These?]

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We sold this vehicle to Kate back in 2007. For details of that sale, click here.

Here is everything we did to it back then:

GoWesty super duper ultra thorough major service
-all maintenance items back to zero miles
Fresh GoWesty 2.3 liter engine
Automatic transaxle re-sealed
Full exterior restoration
-All dings removed above the lower body line
-Pop-top and luggage rack re-painted to match body color
-New acrylic 3-window pop top tent
-GoWesty 15" tire and wheel package
-Black texture coating applied below lower body line and in thresholds
-Bilstein shocks all around
Super thorough interior detail
-Disassembled and thoroughly cleaned
-Anything looking or not working like new replaced
Suspension, brakes, cooling, exhaust, fuel, electrical systems: all gone through as needed
GoWesty 2nd battery system
High powered headlight system
New LP tank
Refrigerator updated
AC updated and fully functional
Nice stereo installed
Factory cruise control added

Kate had five solid, fun-filled years with this Westy, but for personal reasons had to part with it. Even though it had been only 5 years since we refurbished it for her, GoWesty has come a LONG way since then. So, there was actually quite a bit to do to get it up to our current standards.

We paid her $15,000 for it delivered. The price listed above includes that, plus only 20% mark up, plus the cost to do the following work:

• Undercarriage stripped clean, prepped, and sealed
• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine with 48/48 warranty
• Fresh GoWesty automatic transaxle with 48/48 warranty
• All new cooling system from end to end
• All new OEM exhaust, GoWesty stainless cat, muffler, and tail pipe
• All new suspension and brakes, bigger up front
• All new fuel delivery system
• Complete exterior restoration—all new paint and all seals
• Interior thoroughly gone through and up to our current standards
• Full page of reliability items totaling over $4200
• Auxiliary battery system built to our current standards
• Undercarriage stripped clean, prepped, and sealed
• New GoWesty exclusive sport valved Bilstein shocks
• New 16" wheels with Goodyear Assurance tires
• Original fridge removed, GoWesty Fridge-B-Gone added
• Engel MT45 all-electric, portable fridge installed
• GoWesty 50 watt solar system installed
• All work warrantied for 12 months/12,000 miles in addition to the separate 48/48 engine/trans warranties
• You get our GoWesty promise:
  -Everything that is supposed to be there is there!
  -Everything that is there works, guaranteed!

Here is how it all ads up:

Page       Cost     Description
1 $18,432.00    Vehicle Purchase / Mark Up / Doc Fee
2 $10,868.08    Engine / Transmission / Exhaust
3 $2,758.94    Cooling & Fuel Systems
4 $4,885.06    Reliability Items
5 $8,363.43    Undercarriage Restoration
6 $7,352.18    Exterior Restoration
7 $3,946.08    Interior Restoration
  $56,605.77    Final Project Total


Greg from California snapped up this dream Westy. He is having us add:

Leather/cloth Recaro front seats
Super comfy downstairs mattress
Gray rubber floor mats throughout

The total out the door price includes all of that, and all tax and licensing fees.

Nice buy, Greg!

Happy trails!


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