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1989 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #710

1989 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #710 (152,244 Miles) - $65,055.52 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5L

Trans: Manual

Color: Blue

VIN: WV2ZB0258KG000222

Options: A/C,PM,PS, PDL, Cruise Control, Rear Wiper, Locking Differential  [What Are These?]

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We originally sold this Syncro Westy to Andrew and Susan back in 2005. For details on that sale, click here. 

This is not a completely "fresh" restoration—thus the less-than-a-normal-restoration price. The following major restoration work is not being redone this time around because it was all addressed in August, 2005, only 26,494 miles ago:

• Front suspension, steering, big front brakes, rear brakes
• Transaxle, drive shaft decoupler, solid shaft
• Shifter system rebuild
• LP tank
• Ignition coil and switch, fuel pump and relay, EFI relay, alternator

The GoWesty 2.5 liter engine that is in this vehicle was installed in June, 2008, and has only 16,125 miles on it. So, the engine itself was not replaced this time around. But, it got all new GoWesty stainless steel exhaust, cooling system thoroughly gone through and brought up to our current standards. And, of course, our standard and very thorough super major service—all maintenance items back to zero miles.

The tent was also not replaced. It is a 3-window, cotton-hemp material installed in August, 2005, and it was custom tie-dyed here at GoWesty by our resident tie-dye artist, Kathy. It has faded on the outside—as they all eventually do—and looks almost solid gray on the outside. But on the inside it still looks very, very groovy baby—see photos below.

For personal reasons, Andrew and Susan decided it was time to part with their beloved Westy. We re-purchased it for $25,000, and are marking that up $20%, which is included in the total advertised price that works out as follows:

Page       Cost    Description
1 $30,055.00   Vehicle Purchase Cost & Mark-Up
2 $  8,760.08   Exterior Restoration with Operable LR Window
3 $  2,401.30   2nd Battery / Engel fridge
4 $  4,929.40   AC / Swing-Away / Brakes / Wheels
5 $  3,744.91   Interior Restoration
6 $  4,361.40   Major Service / SS Exhaust & Cooling System Work
7 $  2,908.35   Reliability Items
8 $  2,669.70   Fox Shocks / Progressive Springs / Solar System
  $59,830.14   Final Project Total

This is just a quick summary—all of the particulars are detailed on 7 pages showing everything that went into this vehicle. Copies available upon request.

This is a lot of Syncro Westy for a very attractive price. Not totally fresh, but a fresh one just like it would cost well over $75K.

She is a beauty (this is one of my favorite colors), and ready for the road!

Eric of Victoria, BC Canada snatched this one up. Happy travels Eric. She's a beauty!



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