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1987 Vanagon Hard Top Syncro - #721

1987 Vanagon Hard Top Syncro - #721 (100,736 Miles) - $47,664.80 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 liter

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2YB0253HG000701

Options: A/C,PM,PS,RW,PDL,PW,  [What Are These?]

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Here is a super sweet, relatively low mileage Syncro hard top (does not have a pop-top). We purcahsed this vehicle from the original owners; it has always been a southern California vehicle—there is no rust at all. It still has original paint that is in very good (but not perfect) condition. The interior cleaned up beautifully—it is all original and also still in great condition. We added the camper swing-away table and swivel seat on the passenger side.

Here is a quick rundown of everything we did:

• GoWesty super-thorough ultra-major detail inside and out
  - Everything that is supposed to be there is there
  - Everything that is there is guaranteed to work
  - All dings removed without breaking the paint
  - Exterior thoroughly cleaned, polished, waxed
  - Interior disassembled, cleaned, put back together
  - All factory equipment and lighting checked and fixed as needed
• All front door window channels replaced
• Obsolete "chrome" window moldings removed for California "black-out" look
• GoWesty super-duper major service
  - All maintenance items back to zero miles
• Full page of reliability-enhancing components replaced pre-emptively
• GoWesty GW-EFI fuel injection component replacement kit
  - Gone through thoroughly and repaired/upgraded as needed
• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine with 48/48 warranty
• Fresh cooling system from front to rear—ALL OF IT replaced
• All other vehicle systems gone through as needed: fuel, instruments, electrical, suspension, brakes, steering
• Fresh GoWesty rebuilt transaxle
• Driveshaft decoupler system
• Good used 16" alloy wheels with 225/60-16 Dunlop tires
• GoWesty plate steel bumpers
• GoWesty texture coating
• New seat belts for both front seats
• Nice stereo system with Bluetooth

Here is a report showing how it all adds up:

Page Cost   Description
1 $9,324.64   Vehicle Purchase
2 $3,744.47   Reliability Items / New GW-EFI
3 $5,339.53   Brakes / Wheels & Suspen. / Alignment / Texture / GW Bumpers
4 $1,919.71   Major Service 
5 $13,539.75   Engine / Transaxle / Decoupler / Clutch / Exhaust
6 $2,933.13   Cooling & Heating System Overhaul
7 $1,264.75   Table / Swivel / Stereo / Speakers
8 $5,078.92    Exterior / Speedo / Window Seals / Seat Belts Upgrade
9 $4,519.90   Options: Handicap Modifications
  $47,664.80   Final Project Total

Laura and Steve purchased this Syncro on behalf of their daughter, who uses a powered wheel chair to get around. The total out the door price includes all of the above, plus a niftty custom GoWesty wheel chair ramp system, rear-facing jump seats, and all tax and licensing fees.

Nice buy, Laura and Steve!


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