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2002 Eurovan Full Camper

2002 Eurovan Full Camper (41,697 Miles) - $62,058.50 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.8 VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EB47022H097706

Options: PM, AC, RR Wiper, CC  [What Are These?]

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We purchased this low mileage Eurovan Camper (EVC) for $29,500, marked that up 20%, and proceed to build a dream maching for Alan in Oregon.

Here is a report detailing the cost breakdown
Page   Cost    Description
1 $35,916.60   Vehicle, Mark up, Shipping
2 $1,299.18   Major Service
3 $507.45   Front Wheel Bearings / Brakes / AC Check
4 $2,499.19   EVC Lift Kit / Alignment
5 $679.95   Trans Cooler 
6 $13,248.33   Interior / Exterior Restoration
7 $427.95   Refrigerator Repair
8 $7,479.85   Hitch / Racks / Awning / Stereo / Recaro / Mats
  $62,058.50   Final Project Total

Alan Writes: 
From: Alan
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2014
To: GoWesty crew
Subject: My EVC off-road-rocks!

Yesterday, despite the weather not being too nice, I drove the van up a Forest Service road in the Cascade Mountains to one of our favorite local trailheads. It's located at nearly 7,000 feet, just below timberline, and in places the access road gets fairly rough and rutted. But the EVC handled it beautifully. I kept it in "drive" to see how it'd do, easing my way through bumpy spots, and never had to drop into a lower gear. The front-wheel-drive traction performed superbly (almost like having 4X4), and with the GoWesty lift-kit boost, I never heard a protruding rock scrape the undercarriage at all. It passed the test with flying colors! Below are two snapshots.





From: Alan
Sent: February 21, 2015
To: GoWesty crew
Subject: MPG and sunsets

Yeah, you're correct about calculating gas mileage. It's of course somewhat an inexact science because the "full" level can slightly vary each time one goes to the gas station, changing the equation a bit. Over time, we'll continue to monitor the mpg to eventually arrive at an overall average. Thanks for your thoughts.

Below is a photo of our EVC on the Oregon coast, snapped at sunset on Monday. The unseasonably balmy weather over there was wonderful!




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