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2003 Eurovan Weekender - #732

2003 Eurovan Weekender - #732 (92,900 Miles) - $57,769.06 Total delivered price.

Engine: VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2NB47013H010797

Options: CC, AUX BATT,  [What Are These?]

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Frank and Crystal filled out a wish list and put down a $5000 deposit in August, 2012. We did not have an ideal candidate in stock at the time, so they waited patiently to be first in line for the next one that came along. We eventually found this little silver Multivan in Southern California and paid $12,600 for it, delivered, and got to work. Here is a summary of all we did:

• GoWesty rebuilt engine and transaxle, with 48/48 warranty
• New transaxle control unit (TCU)
• Super duper GoWesty maintenance service
- All maintenance items back to zero miles
- New water pump with "anti-sudden death, engine melt-down" steel impeller
- New plastic thermostat housing and thermostat
• All new timing chains
• Bilstein shocks all around
• Five new GoWesty 16" x 7.5" wheels, four new tires
• Front suspension adjusted back to new specs
• Four wheel alignment
• New main battery
• Super duper GoWesty detailing inside, outside, and under
- Back to as close to new as you can get
- Everything that is SUPPOSED to be there is THERE
- Everything that is there WORKS, guaranteed!
• New, much higher capacity sealed deep cycle auxiliary battery
• Electric cooler hard-wired for better reliability
• Black texture coating on bumpers and all around lower body line
• Engel fridge and portable solar panel system
• GoWesty Class III trailer hitch—for towing or for a bike rack or... 
• Nice stereo system with iPod interface and Bluetooth cell phone control

Here is a report showing how it all added up:

Page   Cost     Description
1 $16,378.75    Vehicle Purchase Contract
2 $3,388.92    Fridge / Solar / Mud Flaps / Racks / Hitch
3 $4,663.47    Wheels / Tires / Suspension / Steering / Brakes
4 $10,046.37    Interior / Exterior Restoration
5 $11,790.39    Engine / Trans / OH / Major Service
6 $4,160.61    Reliability Enhancing Items
7 $2,310.63    Alternator / Starter / Battery Charger
8 $1,861.03    Fans / Heater Core
  $54,600.17    Final Project Total

Nice buy, folks.

Happy trails! 

From: Frank and Crystal
Sent: Thursday, July 11
To: The GoWesty crew
Subject: Our GoWesty Eurovan Weekender

Dear GoWesty crew,

We wanted to let you know our GoWesty Weekender drove great on our maiden voyage home after picking it up at GoWesty. It is very comfortable, easy to drive and has lots of power. We are really impressed with the work that was done, as well as how everything works and appreciate the extras.

We’re looking forward to many trips and fond memories.

Thanks to the entire GoWesty crew.

Frank and Crystal


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