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1990 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #745

1990 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #745 (247,801 Miles) - $79,191.96 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual

Color: Blue/White

VIN: WV2ZB0254LG053386

Options: PM, PW, PDL, CC, AC, REAR WIPER, DIFF LOCK  [What Are These?]

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We built this custom rig for Tim from Montana back in 2007. For all the details on that sale, please click here.
Here is summary of what was done back then:

Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine
Fresh GoWesty customgeared transaxle and front differential assemblies
- Final drive (ring and pinion) ratio changed to 5.43 (about 12% lower)
-1.14 3rd gear ratio (7% taller)
-.077 4th gear ratio (9% taller)
Triple knobs: Front and rear diff locks, decoupler, solid shaft (click here)
All new brakes, big brakes up front
GoWesty 16x7.5" alloy wheels
BFG 225/70-16 All-Terrain tires (about 15% taller)
Old Man Emu shocks
New GoWesty exclusive 2" lift, fully progressive suspension springs
All systems thoroughly gone through, all maintenance items back to zero miles
Body completely disassembled and repainted two-tone blue and white
GoWesty black texture treatment along the bottom
-Extraneous body molding holes welded up
-Bed-liner black texture coat all around lower body line and door thresholds
Super groovy tie-dyed, hemp/cotton blend tent!
GoWesty 2nd battery system installed
GoWesty custom Propex furnace installation:
-Rear factory coolant driven heater removed
-Propex installed in its place
-Factory look false floor installed over furnace
-GoWesty custom enclosure panel with furnace ducting
Recaro blue cloth seats up front
Rear seat recovered in matching Recaro blue fabric
High powered South African headlights and grille
Keyless entry
High end stereo system
-Pioneer 4900 CD/MP3 head unit
-i-POD interface adapter
-XM radio
-All new speakers throughout
-Drop down, turn-around, DVD player with I/R wireless headphones
-Sub woofer under rear seat for full theater sound
GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery system
50 watt portable solar panel system on roof
Refrigerator removed and turned into cabinet space
Super high efficiency, quick-release Engel freezer/fridge that works beautifully
New AC compressor and dryer, refilled with environmentally friendly stuff
Yakima roof rack system
Black rubber mats throughout
Over $2500 worth of just-in-case reliability enhancing items replaced
And much more...

Tim had a blast with this puppy and took really good care of it, but had to part with it for personal reasons. We bought it back from Tim, rolled up our sleeves and did the following for the second owner, John:
Thorough details inside and out
Super major GoWesty ultra major service
-All maintenance back to zero miles
Auxiliary battery updated to current state of the art
Switch from locking F/R differentials to Posi-Traction F/R and one knob
Four new tires on the ground
Space saver tire on 14" alloy wheel above skid plate
Fox shocks and state of the art suspension springs, front and rear
Full page of reliability items, including our new GW-EFI system
Complete AC system overhaul�but don't get too excited...
Total cost delivered it to John in eastern Canada was $78,176.82, click here for details on that sale. He had it for only about a year during which time he put only about 6000 miles on it. John decided a Vanagon was just not right for him--the nearest shop that could service it was hours away, and life was just too busy. So, he decided to sell it back to GoWesty.
It cost us a total of $63,135 to get it back all the way from Canada, including the importation and shipping costs. The price listed this time around includes our cost, a mark up of only 10%, $4500 for a GoWesty bumper to bumper Road Warrior warranty, and the cost to do the following:
Thorough details inside and out
Minor maintenance service
AC recharge and test
It now has only 6000 miles more than when we sold it to John, comes with a much better warranty, is about $3000 less than it cost John, and easily $30K less than it would cost to build another one just like it from scratch.
Yup, this one is a particularly good value!
Brian from Portland gave us a $5000 Dream Deposit back in August of 2014, and has been waiting patiently for the right Westy Syncro to come along, and it has! Way to hang in there, Brian!

Brian has decided on the following options:

3 window gray acrylic tent
Wasser-stopper poptop rainly
Recpver popotop interior ceiling surface
Recover headliner panel to match poptop
2 Swing away trays for the rear universal carrier system
Powder coated wheels
Replace all exterior bulbs with LEDS

More details to come soon, but for now: Congratulations to Brian!


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