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2002 Eurovan Weekender - #757

2002 Eurovan Weekender - #757 (155,123 Miles) - $59,434.87 Total delivered price.

Engine: 204HP VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2NB47092H041388

Options: Four Speed Automatic Transmission (4SPD-AT), Air Conditioning (AC), Power Brakes (PB), Anti-Lock Brakes System (ABS), Electronic Limited Slip (ELS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Power Steering (PS), Power Windows (PW), Power Door Locks (PDL), Keyle  [What Are These?]


We built this Eurovan MV dream machine for Patrick back in 2010. He enjoyed many years of  traveling and camping with his two kids, but he now felt it was time to pass the vehicle along to another adventurer. Read more about the Patrick's adventures here 
Here is what we did for Patrick back then:

• Super duper GoWesty maintenance service
 - All maintenance items back to zero miles
 - New water pump with "anti-sudden death, engine melt-down" steel impeller installed
 - New plastic thermostat housing and thermostat
• Super duper GoWesty detailing inside, outside, and under
 - Back to as close to new as you can get
 - Everything that is SUPPOSED to be there is THERE
 - Everything that is there WORKS, guaranteed!
• New Bilstein shocks all around
• All new brakes
• Front suspension adjusted back to new specs
• Four wheel alignment
• New main battery
• New, much higher capacity sealed deep cycle auxiliary battery
• Electric cooler hard-wired for better reliability
• New Engel fridge mounted on quick-release platform
• Eurovan full camper swivel seat pedestal on passenger side
• New Michelin HydroEdge tires all around, mounted on...
• Brand new GoWesty 8-hole 7.5x16" alloy wheels (5, including a full-size spare)
• Nice stereo system with iPod interface and hands-free controls and sub-woofer
• Drop-down DVD player with wireless headphones
• Back up camera with small screen mounted inside
• GoWesty Class 3 trailer hitch and trailer wiring
• Rubber floor mats throughout
• Fiamma F45 awning in silver case, 10-foot
• Black texture coating on bumpers and all around lower body line
• Comfy new mattresses for top and bottom beds

Now moving forward, Gary from Canada was looking for a Eurovan MV. So he went ahead and submitted a Wish List,,got in touch and came on by GoWesty. After checking it out, he found  the van to be the perfect candidate for he and his wife. 

See below what we're doing this time around to bring the van back on up to the GoWesty standard as well as a few options that Gary chose to make it completely suit his needs.

Here is what we're doing for Gary:

• Installing a rebuilt automatic transaxle
• Major service and reliability package. Bringing the van on back down to zero miles
• Added a new set of the Yokohama Geolander tires for a bit more bite!
• Overhauled the front and rear brakes
• Replaced the stock Eurovan seats with a nice set of brand spanking new Gray leather Recaro seats
• We'll  also be adding swivel platforms for both the driver' and pasenger seat
• New front and rear mudflaps
• Upgraded to the new GoWesty designed portable solar system

When were all said and done, this van will surely live up to Gary's expectations and carry on that great GoWesty name!

Thank you Gary for picking up the torch! 

We'll make you proud!

Stay tuned for future updates and more pictures.






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