Storage Bags for Westy Combi, Cocina, and Casa Bases

Part #: VL-BAG

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 0.70 lbs

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Price Range: $39.95 - $76.95


Final Price: $39.95

The Venture Libre Combi Attachment Bags are designed to mount to the Bravo, Cocina, and Casa bases. They can also be mounted separately, anywhere you like and can be customized with an optional velcro patch on the front!

To-date, there are three bags styles available: The Journeyer Snap Pocket, the Overland Carryall Bag, and the Open Pocket.

The Journeyer Snap Pocket is a snap closure bag with a small front pocket and larger main pocket. It also features a velcro rectangle to add patches!

The Overland Carryall is a rugged zippered bag. It has a three quarter zipper, allowing it to open like a book. Inside you will find two spacious mesh zipper pockets.Want it as your toiletry bag? Get your toothbrush, soap, razor blade, deodorant and use the 'Toiletries' patch. Want to use it as a makeup bag? Fill it up with your eyeliner, lip gloss, foundation and use the 'Cosmetics' patch. We've even integrated a metal loop to hang from the hook in the camp shower! When you're finished, it snaps back into place on your base. 

• The Open Pocket is just that, an open topped bag to drop in anything that fits!

Dimensions: Height 9" x Width 6.25"  x Depth 2" 

Suggested Uses:
• First Aid Bag
• Makeup Bag
• Shower/Toiletry Bag
• Pet Bag for treats, "Poo Bags"
• Mini Tool Bag

All of the same great features Venture Libre products are known for:
• Premier quality saddle leather, aka: 'Crazy Horse'.
• Designed to take a beating and always look great
• Hand-crafted in Mexico
• Heavy-duty double row stitching
• Built to last!

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