Storage Box for Swing-Away


Works With: 1973-1991, 1993-2003

Weight: 25.00 lbs

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Price: $265.45

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This durable locking storage box is designed to work in conjunction with the GoWesty swing-away system with Universal Carrier installed. It's extremely weather-resistant—but not completely waterproof, so don't drive it into a lake.

It is made of super thin, super light-weight aluminum, and it is powder-coated for extremely good corrosion protection. At first you may think it is too lightweight, and maybe a bit flimsy. It does, in fact, deform rather easily if you drive it into something—a practice we recommend avoiding. The good news is that the aluminum alloy used is extremely malleable. We have bashed them completely out of shape—and we really mean completely out of shape—multiple times in separate “accidents," and we've successfully straightened them out. After all that abuse, they still work and look great. So, if you are looking for a super secure “safe-like” box that can survive a direct impact from an RPG round, this is not the box for you. If, on the other hand you want something that can carry about ten times its own weight, keep your stuff dry and clean, take a lickin' and keep on keepin' on, all for a very affordable price, this is it!

• Rust-proof and light weight aluminum construction
• Powdercoated for additional corrosion resistance
• All metal locking latch
• Weather-resistant door design with additional rubber dust and moisture seal
• Dual chains allow the drop door to be used as a table—sweet!
To add this box to the rear of your Vanagon camper, you'll need the following:
• GoWesty Rear Plate Steel Bumper
Vanagon Swing-away arm system
Universal carrier
Offset Bracket

To add this box to the rear of your Eurovan camper, you'll need the following:
Eurovan Swing-Away Carrier System

Exterior dimensions: 23"W x 15 3/4"D x 18"H
Interior dimensions: 22 3/4"W x 14 1/2"D x 17 3/4"H

Weight Limits: Our storage boxes must be installed using the universal carrier and have a maximum safe load limit of 180 lbs. This weight is to be kept within the confines of the storage box. 35 of these pounds may be shifted to the upper portion of the universal carrier arm (the 180 lb. total limit still applies).

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