Rubber Floor Mat Material Sample

Made in the USA


Weight: 0.01 lbs

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Base Price: $0.00


Final Price: $0.00

Try it before you buy it! We offer these free swatches to ensure you receive the right items for you and your van!

This is the stuff from which our fitted rubber mats are crafted. These swatch samples are for the following rubber mats:

  1. Vanagon Aisle Rubber Mat
  2. Vanagon Front & Aisle Rubber Mat Set
  3. Vanagon Middle Rubber Mat
  4. Vanagon Rear Rubber Mat
  5. Eurovan 1 Piece Cab & Aisle Rubber Mat (1999-2003 GLS/MV/Weekender)
  6. Eurovan 2-Piece Cab Area Rubber Mats (1999-2003)
  7. Eurovan Passenger Area Rubber Mat (1995-1996)
  8. Eurovan Passenger Area Rubber Mat (1997-2003 Winnebago Camper)

Available in Black, Brown, Gray, and Tan.

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