Westy Tales, Volume 1

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GoWesty is proud to present our very own Westy Tales! This collection of essays (and a poem!) is the result of our first Westy Tales essay contest, and it's sure to delight.

This first edition is steeped in the adventures and misadventures of the VW camper and its inhabitants. Between these pages you'll find eight superb tales: Read about a 1978 VW Westy that becomes a catalyst for a lifetime friendship. Quest for the elusive redbud, and fight through the foibles of a teenager struggling behind the wheel. Bear witness to an international incident of camper-bus proportions, watch nerves unravel in Big Sur, and more! The tales are as varied as the roads we travel, but the connection is always clear: these iconic campervans carry us, connect us, and inspire us in ways that no other vehicle can.

Come along on the journey, and be prepared for a hefty dose of wander lust.

112 pages of awesome.

Contributors (in order of appearance): Joan Wike, Jeff Doran, McKenzie McCann, John Maw, Leslie Davidson, Clayton McNearney, Mark Brittenburg, S. Lucas Valdes, and Jad Josey.

Editor: Jad Josey

Illustrator: Taylor Grant

Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: Central Coast Press (2016)

Language: English

Materials: Recycled paper and soy based ink

ISBN-10: 1930401965
ISBN-13: 978-1930401969


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