Shift Lever Extension

Made in the USA


Works With: 1968-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $24.95

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Maybe you like to kick back a bit while you drive. Or maybe you're really tall, and you've got the seat all the way back. Or maybe you suffer from T.R.A.S. (Tyrannosaurus Rex Arm Syndrome). Whatever the case, these aluminum shift lever extensions will have you shifting gears in comfort and style. Includes "locating jam nut" to help you find the perfect sweet spot (only necessary in some cases). Shift lever extension will give you a bit more than 4" extension.

• This extension has a 14mm thread diameter that fits all 1984-91 water-cooled Vanagons..

• If your shift lever is 12mm in diameter, you will need a 12mm-to-14mm adapter, please check our related items below. Along with the adapter you will need to get a 14mm shift knob to fit on the extension. We suggest our infamous stash knob or the classic 8-ball knob.

We strongly suggest that you measure the OD (outer diameter) of your shift lever to determine whether or not you will need an adapter. Some vehicles, regardless of year, have varying shift lever ODs.

This shift lever extension will NOT work with early style large diameter (450 mm) Vanagon steering wheels.

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