Light Duty Storage Box for Spare Tire Location

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 54.30 lbs

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Base Price: $199.95


Final Price: $199.95

If you are no longer using your front "clam shell" to house your spare tire, you may have realized that this location has a lot of potential for storage. We decided to run with the concept and are pleased to introduce our light-duty powder-coated steel storage box! It cleverly utilizes all of the original mounting points (and some hardware) for a super-simple installation process. The flat-pack design allows for the least-expensive shipping cost we could wrangle, but requires some minor assembly. Complete hardware kit and installation instructions are included.

We recommend that you use this storage box only with a metal spare tire hook catch. If you have a plastic or otherwise worn out metal catch, add an all new Spare Tire Hook Catch to your order!

Important note: This product does not double as a skid plate. While it is fairly tough, it is not designed to withstand the abuse of off-road driving.

Cosmetic Note: These panels are coated in black powdercoat and often arrive from our supplier with minor scuffs and surface imperfections. Now you know!


Top: 23.75" x 24.125"
Bottom: 23.75" x 20.375"


Top: 23.5" x 24"
Bottom: 23.5" x 20"
Depth: 6"


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