Universal Carrier for Swing-Away Arm [Bus]

Made in the USA


Works With: 1973-1979

Weight: 25.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $239.95

This is the GoWesty universal carrier attachment for our bumper-mounted swing-away system for Bus. This carrier is made of light-weight, powdercoated, thin wall 2" x 2" steel tubing and incorporates a sturdy tray. This material would not be strong enough if it were just bolted at the base, so we incorporated a lockable tensioning latch system at the top that makes for a remarkably sturdy multi-use provision for carrying just about anything! The kit includes our custom stainless steel gutter mounting bracket.

Fits: 1973-79 Type II Bus 

Kit includes:
• 2" x 2" powdercoated square tube carrier bar with incorporated tray
• Lockable upper latch
• Stainless steel mounting hardware
• Detailed installation instructions
• Stainless steel gutter adapter mounting bracket

We call this a “universal” carrier because you can do lots of different things with it:
• Create a ladder with our Ladder Rung Kit 
• Create a ladder/tray combo with our GoWesty Tray Kit
• Create a spare tire carrier with our Uni-Tire Mount Kit
• Create a bike carrier with the Yakima Front Loader Bike Carrier
• Create a fuel and/or water can carrier with our Rotopax Kit, Reverse Spare Tire and Lockable Storage
• Add some Storage with a lightweight Storage Box
• Tie-down firewood and luggage to a Storage Tray
• Add  a Small Shower to your rungs
• Tie-down some gear on top of your storage box with our Storage Box Tie Downs
• Keep your camp clean with  a Spare Tire Trasharoo

For use with GoWesty Bus Bumpers only. Does not include the required bumper-mounted swing-arm

Our swing-away trays have a maximum safe load limit of 180 lbs. When using the tray, this weight is not to exceed 24” in height and be kept within the confines of the tray horizontally and centered within the tray. If using the universal carrier, 35 of these pounds may be shifted to the upper portion of the arm (the 180 lb. total limit still applies).

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