Basic Auxiliary Battery Install Kit [Watercooled Camper]

Made in the USA

Part #: AUX-700

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 2.10 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Base Price: $89.95


Final Price: $89.95

This is our basic entry-level auxiliary battery installation kit for those on a tighter budget, and those with minimal power needs. Read more in the 'Power Needs' tab.

Fits: All 1983-91 Watercooled Westfalia full campers, and powers your camper's sink, stove, fridge, and stereo.

For the following battery types: Flooded, Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA), and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Not recommended for use with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries.

Includes wiring, battery isolator solenoid, 50A circuit breaker, fuse holder, battery hold-down clamp, electrical connectors and instructions. This easy-to-install kit is designed to charge a second deep cycle battery (to be located under the drivers' seat) while the engine is running and isolate it when the ignition is off. This kit includes detailed, color instructions that allow you to rewire all existing interior accessories (such as lighting, stereo & cigarette lighter/12V outlet) to the new auxiliary power source. You can then safely run your electrical devices from the auxiliary battery without depleting the charge of your primary starting battery.

NOTE: If you also need a battery, please see our SLA1161, or purchase our Auxiliary Battery Bundle to save a couple bucks. 

*If you prefer to buy the latest technology we offer, pick up a GW-LIFEPO Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, a Renogy DC-DC Charger, and our Installation Kit. Or, save a few bucks by picking up our Deluxe Auxiliary Battery Bundle.





This kit is suitable for you if:
• You plan to charge from an existing solar or shore power setup, or…
• You don’t mind as much as a dozen hours of driving between battery discharges, and…
• You have less than 100Ah of lead acid auxiliary batteries, and…
• You don’t plan to use smart battery monitoring features.

Our DC-DC Charger Kit is more suitable for you if:
• You have a LiFePo4 battery, or…
• You want to quickly charge your battery bank while driving, or…
• You plan to add or upgrade a solar charging setup, or…
• You want to actively monitor your aux battery’s charge, or…
• You want the tidier wiring and packaging that a DC-DC charger offers.

1980-83 Aircooled Westy & 80-91 Non-Camper Vanagon Owners: Please use kit AUX-701 for your vehicle.

Diesel Owners: If you have a fridge relay under the driver's seat this is the kit for you. If you do not have the relay, you want to buy the AUX-701

This kit is intended for Vanagons with Waterboxer engines, but can be used with conversions.  However, our instructions do not cover installation on converted vans, so you'll need to be extra careful with the wiring.

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