Basic Bumper Bundle w/End Caps


Works With: 1980-1987

Weight: 30.00 lbs

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Price: $334.95

Manufactured in Europe, these bumpers are coated in a black primer. That means it's ready for you to paint, powdercoat, or gold plate (if that's your bag).

BLEMISH NOTE: These bumpers travel to us from far overseas, and they often arrive with small blemishes (small scratches and dings). There may be some variance in the front bumper mounting holes which may require drilling up to half an inch. Please understand that these are sold AS-IS.

If your van has old rusty bumpers, is missing parts, or simply needs a facelift, this bundle of parts will do the trick without breaking the bank. This bundle saves you about $28 (as opposed to ordering all of the parts separately!). 

Bundle contents:
Rear bumper
Front bumper
End caps and hardware

CAUTION: These bumpers have sharp edges that can slice you (think: a papercut, but worse). Please handle with care.

These do not have the holes for the bumper pads already drilled. You can delete the bumper pad strips, or use them as a template to mark the correct location for drilling.

These bumpers will also work for 1988-91 vehicles with fiberglass bumpers, but some modifications will need to be made.

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