GoWesty Opinion of Value Report

Part #: OVR

Works With: 1980-1991, 1993-2003

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Getting your VW camper properly valued can be extremely challenging—whether you're attempting to find adequate insurance coverage, settle an insurance claim, or you're looking to sell your vehicle on the open market. As you probably know, Kelly Blue Book (and other publications) do not even list any Vanagon pop-top models or Eurovan full camper models... and the Vanagon and Eurovan models they do list are typically way, way off the mark. That's where the GoWesty Opinion of Value Report (OVR) can help.

Using detailed information about your particular vehicle, we can provide you with a document that details exactly what GoWesty thinks your vehicle is worth. GoWesty is not a licensed appraiser—but we are armed with many years of experience, a bountiful collection of comparable vehicle sales, and the expertise to offer an accurate and honest assessment of your vehicle's value. 

What you get:
• A detailed report of your vehicle
• A collection of comparable vehicles we have sold
• GoWesty's overall summary of your vehicle
• And, most importantly, GoWesty's opinion of what your vehicle is worth
• Revisions when you need them for only $49
Please note that this OVR comes in electronic format only—no paper copies!

How it works:
• After placing your order for a GoWesty OVR, you will be contacted by a GW representative. We will give you a detailed list of the photographs and documentation we require you to provide for us to perform an accurate OVR. After we have received all of your materials, your OVR should be ready within 1 month. You are not required to provide the required photographs and documentation within any particular time constraint—but, of course, we want to get that shiny new OVR in your hands ASAP!

Important note: While GoWesty Opinion of Value Reports are helpful when buying or selling a vehice, as well being highly beneficial in obtaining adequate insurance, (and have been pivotal in the claims process for many), GoWesty is not a licensed appraiser. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE THE REPORT IS COMPLETED, EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH OUR OPINION OF VALUE. 

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Q: The vehicles you use as comparables are much higher in value than my vehicle. What gives?

A: The fact that the vehicles we use as comparable sales are much higher than yours is a plus. It makes it easier, not harder, to argue the value of your vehicle as stated in your GoWesty OVR. This is probably the most valuable aspect of the OVR: that we have actual sales of the same year/model as yours that sold for the prices indicated. 

Customer Testimonials

From: Charyn H.
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 7:05 PM
To: Christina
Subject: Re: OVR - Complete

I just wanted to thank you. The OVR that you and GoWesty provided for us did indeed help us with our insurance claim on our fire loss on our 1986 Westy. The insurance started out with a 12k ACV and with your OVR, we settled on a little over 21k ACV. We knew it was worth more than they wanted to give us the first time around but would not have been able to get our insurance company on board without your help. GoWesty's OVR really does help like you say it does!

Thanks again,
Charyn H.

From: Kristen 
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2020 3:56 PM
To: GoWesty
Subject: Thank you.

Dear GoWesty,

My goodness.... almost five months later and a final settlement with my insurance company!

Thank you sooooo very much for stepping in, and stepping up to help me. 

Thank you for your depth of knowledge.

Thank you for the communicating with and educating those that needed it most.

Thank you for having great customer service! 

And most of all:

Thank you for offering a product called a GoWesty Opinion of Value Report!