Pricing Policy

Our Campers for Sale: How It Works.

We sell VW pop-top vans that we purchase outright or have here on consignment. We always disclose what we paid for the vehicle, or what the proceeds to the current owner will be in the case of a consignment sale. We add a mark-up between 10% and 20%, and that is the cost of the vehicle itself. Then, we get to work and do whatever is needed such that the vehicle is up to our very high standards before it is offered for sale. All the work we do is documented on detailed GoWesty workshop invoices, and all work is warranted for 12 months/12,000 miles. Our engines and transaxles get  a separate written 48 month/48,000 mile limited, pro-rated warranty (and the option to choose reasonably priced warranty upgrades, as well). In some cases, we offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty for an additional price—depending on the situation. 

So that's how we arrive at the price: our cost, plus a small mark-up, plus the work we do. The total out-the-door price is usually higher than the published sale price because of tax, license, smog check and certificate, shipping, and/or any extras the buyer chooses to purchase. 

You might say, "Well then, why don't I go out and find a good used camper myself and just pay GoWesty or any other shop to fix it up, and save myself 5-20%?" Good point. Indeed, you could go out in the market place and find a good used camper. After all, that is exactly what we do. But, you see, that's the biggest trick: finding good ones for a fair price. That is exactly where our expertise comes in and is in fact most important. We know how to pick the good ones. That is, the best years, the best models, non-crashed, non-rusty, worthy vehicles to fix up and re-sell. And, since we are located in southern(ish) California, the campers that come our way are usually reasonably nice and clean to begin with. We purchase campers from private individuals, not dealers. In fact, most of the vehicles we purchase come from owners that seek us out. They know GoWesty will pay a fair price, and not gouge the next guy. Folks have driven here from thousands of miles away to sell us their beloved camper and leave with the peace of mind that it will be fixed up right, and go to a good home.

By contrast, many people show up at GoWesty with "killer deal" campers they've found on eBay or some other online connection, bought sight-unseen from across the country. That is one of the worst parts of our job, having to say, "Yes, we can build you a nice camper, but you don't want to start with this one..." In other words, you got ripped off. And believe us, it has happened more times than we care to remember. "But I only paid $1500 for it," you say. Sadly, our reply is likely to be, "Yeah, that was about $1700 too much." Moral of the story: "Cheap" Vanagons are the most expensive!

And what about having your VW camper fixed up at some other shop instead of GoWesty? Sure, that's definitely an option. But hey, this is the VW camper Mecca. We have all the new and used parts needed in stock, the expert technicians that work on VW campers every day, all day, and all the proper tools in a state-of-the-art workshop. In short, we have the tools, parts, facility, and desire to make it happen. Where else are you going to find all these elements in one place? Most folks that visit find that there is simply no other place like GoWesty. 

The campers we offer are as we describe them. They are not perfect. These are USED campers we are talking about. However, we try our best to repair those items necessary for the vehicle to be reliable and safe, and we never waste our time on a vehicle that is not worthy to begin with. Please read the "Vehicle Warranty Agreement." We read this document aloud to everyone who purchases a GoWesty camper. 

The bottom line is trust and common sense. Just click here to directly contact any one of our many satisfied customers by selecting a vehicle we've built. You will find we are honest and hard working, and that we enjoy what we do. Unlike most used car dealers, we are not out for the "quick buck." We are in this for the long haul. 

Thank you for your visit and taking the time to read this.

S. Lucas Valdes, 
President, GoWesty Campers

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Does GoWesty offer financing?
A: GoWesty does not offer financing, and we are not aware of any institution that offers financing to purchase the year and model vehicles we offer. Currently, the real value of these vehicles is not widely understood in the free market. To make matters worse, Kelly Blue Book does not even list any pop-top models in either their print- or web-based publications (so even a low value is not available). This may change in the coming years as these vehicles fall under the "vintage" category... we'll just have to wait and see. Most folks that purchase GoWesty-built vehicles do so by using their savings or by borrowing against some other asset (like home equity or a retirement account, for example). In some cases, the loaning institution funds the purchase of the vehicle directly and uses it as partial collateral—and requests that they be included on the title as lienholder. We recommend checking with your financial institution to see what they offer and what they require. GoWesty is ready and willing to work with them directly, if need be.

Q: Why is the out the door price always higher than the sale price originally listed?

A: The sales price listed does not include tax, license, smog check or certificate, or any extra stuff added by the buyer at time of sale, like floor mats, awning, roof racks, etc.

Q: Why doesn't GoWesty just list the out the door price to begin with? Isn't that just GoWesty intentionally misleading us?
A: We don't always add in the cost of tax, license, smog check and certificate because we often sell vehicles to individuals to whom those added costs do not apply. We don't add in the cost of all possible extras or shipping because all possible extras and/or shipping are not always wanted by everyone.

Q: I don't mind ugly! Can I buy my vehicle in less than perfect condition?

A: We have definitely built aesthetically less-than-perfect vehicles for customers that needed to keep the price down. Keep in mind, however, that many of the vehicles that we sell ship off to people whom we never get a chance to meet. In those cases, the vehicle that arrives to the customer has to be "GoWesty" perfect. We'll agree to build an aesthetically less-than-perfect vehicle only if the person comes out and personally looks at the vehicle. We want to make sure that you know exactly what you're getting, aesthetically. We still won't cut any corners on the mechanical/reliability end of things.

Q: What is the sales tax rate I have to pay?
A: You pay the sales tax rate based on where you live, NOT where GoWesty is located.

Q: Does everyone have to pay sales tax?
A: No. If you are a non-California resident, you do not have to pay sales tax if the monetary transaction takes place over the internet or over the phone—and you are not physically present, meaning the vehicle must be shipped out of the state of California via transport arranged by GoWesty.

Q: Do I have to pay for California registration? 
A: If you intend to use the vehicle primarily in California, whether or not you are a resident of California, you must pay for and obtain California registration. The cost to register a vehicle in California is dependent on many factors. GoWesty will provide exact licensing fee information prior to completing the sale.