Meet the Crew


Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Start of Employment: 2014-11-10

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: Good luck, fairy dust, and craigslist

Daily Driver: ’97 Camry. Still chugging along with 300k miles!

About My Van:

Dream Volkswagen:

Hobbies: cooking food, eating food, and looking at puppy photos

Hometown: Bay Area

Favorite Town/City: San Francisco

Favorite Camp Spot: Rogue River, Oregon

Favorite Food: sushi, and mac & cheese. Not necessarily together….

Maté or Coffee?: coffee

Favorite Movie(s):

Favorite Bands/Musicians: it changes constantly but right now I’m digging Ben Howard, Bon Iver, and Brandi Carlile

Concert/Festival History: favorites would include Van Halen, Beach Brothers, Weezer, and Bottle Rock


One Word: bro

Theme Song: Peanut Butter Jelly Time

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