Meet the Crew


Office Manager

Start of Employment: 2008-09-25

How I Came to Work at GoWesty: Just lucky I guess!

Daily Driver: Ford Escort

About My Van: N/A

Dream Volkswagen: Red Covertable Bug (vintage)

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, gardening, decorating my new place.

Hometown: Arcata, CA

Favorite Town/City: Wonderstump - Crescent City, CA

Favorite Camp Spot: Del Loma, CA

Favorite Food: Los Bagels & anything chocolate

Maté or Coffee?: Coffee and lots of it!

Favorite Movie(s): Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, My Fair Lady

Favorite Bands/Musicians: Classic Rock

Concert/Festival History: ourney, Doobie Brothers, Bon Jovi, Huey Lewis

Quote: "It's not the destination, it's the glory of the ride." unknown

One Word: Google it

Theme Song: Second Chance - Shinedown

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